Vintage Pages from early 1996 In memory of Boswell.
Th originals, with similar layout, were written in HTML and HTML 2.0
Pages still have up-to-date and useful information!

Boswell's Travels

me and Lucille flags of the world

Yes! I love Scotland, I know the cool places to go, the best places to eat... I love this land for its hills, its glens, its unspoilt wild places, big rivers, mysterious waterfalls, changing skies... and its animals and people!

But what's more I've always liked meeting visitors to Scotland: Here's a picture of me greeting a friend of mine, Lucille, from France...

One of the best things I used to do was walk behind visitors to Melrose Abbey in the Scottish Borders and lick up their Ice-Cream when they dropped it by mistake... delicious!