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Dumbarton's Drums

PM On 30th June, 1667 Samuel Pepys met Lord George Douglas in Rochester and mentions seeing his Regiment; he records that "here in the streets I did hear the Scotch March beat by the drums before the soldiers, which is very odde."

piper Many other references to the "Scots March" appear in history, but whether the present Regimental March, "Dumbarton's Drums", is one and the same thing cannot he proved with certainty. There is good ground, however for such an assumption. The name derives from the time when Lord George Douglas, created Earl of Dumbarton in 1675, was Colonel, and the Regiment was known as "Dumbarton's Regiment".

"Dumbarton's Drums" is played by the combined band, pipes and drums. When, however, Royalty is present on parade "The Daughter of the Regiment" is also played. This tune commemorates the fact that Queen Victoria was born when her father was Colonel of the Regiment. Playing off after a band programme, "Dumbarton's Drums" is followed by "The Daughter of the Regiment".

Regimental Slow March
Regimental Quick March
March On
Royal Salute
General Salute
Advance in Review Order
March Off
Garb of Old Gaul
Dumbarton's Drums
Scotland The Brave
Point of War
Loch Leven Castle
Scotland The Brave
Dumbarton's Drums
Daughter of The Regiment
Blue Bonnets
Regimental Charge
Officer's Mess
HRH Princess Mary's Wedding March
HRH The Princess Anne
A Company
B Company
C Company
D Company
HQ Company
The Barren Rocks of Aden
Marie's Wedding
The Black Bear
The Liberton Polka
The Steamboat
Commanding Officer's Orders
Half Hour Dress
First Post
Last Post
Lights Out
1st Officers' Mess
2nd Officers' Mess
Johnnie Cope
Bundle and go
A Man's a Man for A' That
Brose and Butter
Up and warn them A Wullie
Jenny's Bawbee
The Heroes of Kohima
The Battle of Killiecrankie
Lochaber No More
Sleep Dearie Sleep
Bannocks of Barley Meal
Pibroch o' Donald Dhu

Sheet Music

Dumbarton's Drums, and Monymusk, Music sheet

Want to play some music yourself? See Dumbarton's Drums, and Monymusk, Music Sheet, for printing.

Pipe Majors, Drum Majors, etc

Pipe Major MacCallum

Pipe Major J MacCallum, PM of 2nd Battalion 1889-1900

Corporal Boyd

Corporal Boyd, lone piper at the 1998 Tattoo

Pipe Major DM Gorrie

Pipe Major Marr and Drum Major Gorrie, at the Edinburgh Tattoo

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

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