Scottish History

The History of The Royal Scots

The Regimental Museum in Edinburgh Castle

Regimental Silver

Mace Waterloo Snuff Box

Top left: Waterloo Snuff Box.

Right: The Drum Major's Mace.

Middle left: Table Centre-piece.

Table Centrepiece

The Table Centre-piece was made by Hunt and Roskell, London, 1892.
Design and manufacture took eight months work.
Height 3' 6"
At the angles of the base are figures in the uniforms of the times and with weapons then in use, representing four different periods of the earlier history of the Regiment:
1625, Pikeman.
1685, Muskateer.
1742, Private.
1813, Colour-Sergeant.
Between these figures are panels representing four battles in which the Regiment won renown:

Regimental silver

Blenheim, 1704.
Corunna, 1809.
Quatre-Bras, 1815.
The assault on San Sebastian, 1813.
At the top is a group representing Sir Robert Douglas at the battle of Steenkirke in 1692. This gallant officer, in the face of almost certain death, leapt over a hedge to recover a standard which had been lost, and succeeded single handed, but was shot dead in returning.

Left: Display case

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